Kitchen Splashback Tiles

the best kitchen splashback tiles ideas brisbane

If you’ve ever pored over images of kitchens, chances are one of the first things you notice is the kitchen splashback tiles. Far from being simply practical, splashbacks allow you to make a statement and add some flair to your kitchen design. When done well, kitchen splashback tiles can be a real talking point in your home. So how do you choose the right splashback for your kitchen and how important is it to have it expertly installed?

Benefits of a Splashback

Ever wondered whether kitchen splashback tiles are necessary? There are multiple benefits to having a splashback such as:

Protecting the walls from water, oil splashes and other damage while cooking and using the sink.

Allows you to personalise your kitchen and add some unique flair that reflects your tastes.

Make it easy to keep your kitchen clean, tiles can be easily wiped down, unlike paint which easily stains.

Enhancing the overall look and finish of your kitchen, which can add appeal to your home when selling.

Choosing Your Splashback

the best kitchen splashback tiles ideas

There are a number of options available for kitchen splashback tiles, all with their own unique look. You may like to choose a coloured or embossed tile for a truly outstanding result or go with a more neutral palette. Regardless of the colour you choose, the shape, size and laying pattern of your tiles will also play a role in the finished look.

Mosaic – one of the most popular options currently, mosaic tiles and in particular finger mosaic (or kitkat mosaic) tiles are perfect for those looking for a mid-century or modern Australian style.

Subway – This versatile option is a perennially popular choice and gives a crisp, fresh look and can be laid in any number of ways to create your ideal pattern. Choose from brick bond, vertical stack, basket weave, herringbone among others and create the perfect look for your kitchen.

Fish Scale – Inspired by organic and geometric forms, fish scale, mermaid tale or fan tiles make an outstanding and unique splashback option for those who love the Art Nouveau artistic movement. They add a distinct charm and character to any space.

Chevron – Classic and timeless, chevron tiles come in small, medium and larger styles. Chevron tiles take particular skill to lay as the beauty is in the perfect symmetry.

Herringbone – Similar to chevron, but with softer angles, herringbone tiles are magic when expertly laid. Herringbone looks exceptional when paired with marble finishes and adds a real touch of class to any kitchen space.

Grid – A longtime favourite, this classic layout of squares can be made to pop through the use of textured or embossed tiles as well as coloured grouting. You may also like to consider contrasting tile and grout colours to modernise your grid.

Why You Should Never Install Your Own Splashback

best kitchen splashback tiles ideas

There are a few reasons why you should avoid attempting a DIY job on your kitchen splashback tiles. You risk applying them incorrectly which could lead to moisture or oil waste being able to seep into the wall behind, causing mould and odour issues. Additionally, splashbacks are very visible and if the tiles are not laid out in the correct pattern or levelled properly they can become a feature for all the wrong reasons.

“Tiling is an artform and one that requires special skill and purpose made tools to achieve the best possible outcome.”

Engage The Experts

Investing in a fully trained and expertly skilled kitchen tiler is a must when installing a kitchen splashback. While you may not hesitate to spend on high-quality tiles, it can be tempting to scrimp on professional tiling services. However, this is a mistake and can mean that your finished kitchen splashback tiles are not the outstanding feature you hoped for.

At Avid Tiling, we have years of experience installing all kinds of tiles and tile patterns. We handle all the preparation, installation, grouting and clean up – leaving your kitchen spotless and ready for use. Should you need support and advice on appropriate tiles for your space or assistance in measuring the space for accurate ordering, we can help with that too.

Ensure your kitchen splashback tiles are outstanding for all the right reasons and will last for years to come. Contact the experts at Avid Tiling today on 0458779881.