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Outdoor Tiler Brisbane

If you’re seeking a tiler that offers exceptional outdoor tiling in Brisbane, you can’t go past Avid Tiling. Outdoor tiling presents different challenges from your standard indoor wall and floor tiling and requires solid planning and careful preparation. The characteristics of the site, the choice of tile and the local climate are just a few of the factors you’ll need to consider. 

At Avid Tiling, we offer quality tiling services and outstanding workmanship across Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast and The Gold Coast. Our fully licensed and professional tilers are here to help you create your ideal outdoor space today.  

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Why Professional Outdoor Tiling Matters

If you’re thinking about taking on your own outdoor tiling work, we’d advise you to reconsider. Tiling, whether indoors (floor, kitchen, bathroom etc.) or outdoors (patios, pool areas, pathways etc.), is best left to a professional outdoor tiler in Brisbane.

Outdoor tiling is a specialised craft and should always be carried out by professional outdoor tilers in Brisbane

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Inadequate Preparation

A great result when tiling is only ever as good as its preparation allows. With outdoor jobs, this preparation can be complicated by such things as surface type, how level the area to be tiled is and whether there are any drainage issues. Our tilers are experts in assessing a location, be it residential or commercial, and preparing the area accordingly.

Incorrect, or poor workmanship can lead to outdoor tiles that quickly begin to sink, move, pop or crack. This is why we highly recommend employing our professional team at Avid Tiling to complete your tiling – the premier outdoor tilers in Brisbane.

Poor Installation

Just as the foundation matters for outdoor tiles, so does the method of installation. Depending on location, an experienced outdoor tiler in Brisbane understands which products to use in order to keep the tiles in place.

Just like tiling bathrooms or kitchens, they also know how to leverage the shape or type of tile chosen to create the most aesthetically pleasing result with minimal waste.

outdoor tile over concrete - image of tiled outdoor patio and pool area with bbq and large tree

Incorrect Tile Choice

Tiles are designed and created for a specific purpose and should only ever be used as such. A bathroom tile would never be used in an outdoor setting. Through consultation with a qualified tiler, you can be assured that the tiles you have chosen are suitable for the area you intend to tile.

For example, a glossy ceramic tile should never be placed outdoors or around a pool due to the risk of injury from slipping. Outdoor tiles need to be durable, non-slip and able to withstand all kinds of weather.

It’s also important to note that some tiles won’t be suited to particular climates. While QLD is relatively warm, other parts of Australia experience both extreme heat and cold depending on the season or even the time of day. Some tiles can’t handle these shifts and can crack or pop out of place as they expand and contract. Our experienced outdoor tilers in Brisbane will ensure you install the correct tile.

Improper Equipment

Our outdoor tilers in Brisbane have a vast range of specialty equipment they use to create stunning results with your outdoor tiling. Cutting stone or ceramic tiles with inadequate equipment will result in unattractive cuts and excessive waste – costing you more in the long run

DIY means Zero Guarantee

When your outdoor tiling is a DIY project, you are responsible for the results and the long-term performance of the tiling. When your tiling is carried out by professionals, you have the added value of quality aftercare. If problems arise during the guarantee period, they will be promptly addressed. This is just one of the reasons Avid Tiling come highly recommended. As experienced outdoor tilers in Brisbane – we offer a quality and service guarantee after your tiles are laid should the unexpected occur.
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Tiles Approved for Outdoor Use

Unsure which tiles are considered safe for outdoor use? As experienced outdoor tilers in Brisbane, we recommend the following:


Porcelain tiles are a thick, sturdy form of ceramic tile and perform well in most locations. Be sure to choose porcelain tiles that have a textured or matte finish so they will not be slippery when wet.


Ceramic outdoor tiles need to have a suitable PEI rating indicating sufficient strength for outdoor use. A standard wall or floor ceramic tile should not be used outside. Ceramic tile is best suited for light use such as on patios, rather than heavy traffic areas.


A form of limestone, travertine has a naturally pitted surface that can collect dirt unless polished. However once polished, it can be slippery when wet. We recommend choosing travertine mined in Turkey or Italy over other locations as it tends to weather the best.


Slate is a type of rock formed under great heat and pressure, making it incredibly durable. Its natural texture prevents it from being slippery when wet and is available in a huge range of colours. Choose from shades of green, grey, purple, black and even orange.


Concrete tiles are an inexpensive alternative to stone or ceramic tiles. They are created in a range of textures and colours designed to imitate natural stone or high-end ceramic tile and offer great durability.

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patio floor tiles - image of front entrance to house, black door with dark stacked stone walls and grey stone floor tiles, entry matt and pot plant

How to Choose an Outdoor Tile

Before choosing your outdoor tiles we recommended considering:

  • Your environment and climate. Is your zone temperate or does it experience temperature extremes?

  • Your budget. This will help narrow down your options. Be sure to factor in laying costs as well as tile per sqm costs. Our outdoor tilers in Brisbane can help you estimate these costs.

  • The style you are after. Are you creating a statement, or looking to blend your tiles with the natural environment?

  • How much light the area receives. You should choose darker tiles for sunny spots and lighter ones for shaded areas.

  • Texture. The more water the area will be exposed to, the more texture your tiles should have. This is especially important for pool tiling.

  • Strength. Lightly used patio or patio covered with furniture and boisterous kids? Choose a tile that suits the needs of your home and family.

No job is too big or small. We happily work on both new builds or renovations, using only the best quality materials.

How Are Laying Costs Calculated?

The cost of laying your outdoor tiles will be determined not only by the size of the area to be tiled, but the type of tile chosen. Generally, the more expensive the tile, the higher the cost will be per square meter. High-end materials present a greater labour intensive process. We recommended speaking with one of our expert outdoor tilers in Brisbane for an accurate, obligation-free quote for laying your outdoor tiles. This way you can plan for a tile solution to fit within your budget.
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Outstanding Tiling in Brisbane

Whether your dream is to have functional outdoor BBQ area tiling, beautiful garden pathways or a pristine pool area, the outdoor tilers at Brisbane’s Avid Tiling can help. We are passionate about our work and always focus on finding tiling solutions that suit the needs and budgets of our clients.

If the design and look of your outdoor spaces is a priority for you, you need Brisbane’s premier tilers at Avid Tiling. For cost-effective tiling from fully licensed (QBCC) and insured tilers in Brisbane, contact our friendly team today on 0458 779 881.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s best to use tiles that are hard and have a low absorbency rating, e.g. Porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles, paving tiles, concrete tiles, ceramic tiles, slate. Just remember some tiles may need to be sealed, so make sure you check with your outdoor tiler before you purchase your outdoor tiles.

Yes, as long as they can withstand harsh weather conditions and are not glossy – you don’t want to slip outside if it’s wet! Check with your outdoor tiler to find the perfect tile for your outdoor area.

It’s best to use light coloured tiles in outdoor areas that don’t have a high exposure to sunlight. For areas that do have a high exposure to sunlight, dark coloured tiles are better because they will absorb the sunlight rather than reflecting it. Your outdoor tiler can help you with the perfect tile for your outdoor area.