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Wall Tiler Brisbane

Tiling walls is no longer just limited to those in your bathroom. As people seek new and interesting ways to add style and functionality to their homes, tiling is quickly becoming their product of choice. If you are seeking an exceptional wall tiler in Brisbane to transform any room in your home, Avid Tiling is the team you can trust. 

Servicing, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast we tile residential, commercial, indoor and outdoor spaces as needed to meet your tiling needs. For wall and floor tiling in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, we offer quality workmanship and affordable, professional service. Avid Tiling – Brisbane tiling made easy.

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Wall Tiling Services in Brisbane

What Does A Wall Tiler Do?

A wall and floor tiler handles all tasks related to the preparation and tiling of a particular surface. Depending on the specifics of the tiling service requested, jobs can include old tile removal and disposal, replacement of wall linings, waterproofing, sourcing replacement tile, tiling, application of grout and more.

For all your enquiries related to the tiling services we offer in Brisbane QLD and surrounding suburbs, please contact our friendly team today.

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Where Can You Use Wall Tiles?

As any Brisbane tiling expert will tell you, tiling isn’t just for floor and wetroom walls. Wall tiles can be used with great success in many areas of your home.

Bathroom Tiling

The current trend of tiling bathroom walls right to the ceiling is both visually striking and practical. Bathroom tiling can create beautifully textured, coloured or patterned spaces that add personality to your bathroom. As a bonus, tiling helps protect your bathroom from water damage and makes it incredibly easy to clean. 

Unlike painted surfaces which absorb moisture from steam and become grimy from dust and towel lint, tiling is easy to wipe clean and creates an impenetrable water barrier. 

Modern bathroom tiling on walls and floor

Kitchen Tiling

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is the ideal place to show off your personality and design style through an eye-catching tile splashback. This effect is achievable through colour, pattern or tile placement, and our team of wall tilers in Brisbane are experts in delivering the perfect finishing touches to your dream kitchen.

Fireplace Surrounds

Want a natural stone fireplace but have neither the budget nor structure to support it? A great alternative is textured stone-look wall tiles. This option is a relatively straight forward installation for our wall tilers in Brisbane and is significantly more lightweight and affordable than real stone. 

Feature Walls

Wall tiles can be used to create a unique feature wall for both indoor and outdoor areas. For an indoor space, consider creating texture and pattern through the use of wall tiles in your entryway or living areas. You could also try tile where you may have previously used wallpaper.

Outdoor textured stone-look tiles can add an extra dimension to your pool edging or retaining walls. Should you require special attention for your pool, our wall tilers in Brisbane are specialists in transforming your pool deck into your own private oasis.

Professional Wall Tilers in Brisbane

Water Features

The sounds and sights of water spilling down and trickling over a tiled water feature is an appealing and relaxing addition to any home. Not to mention a great way to add value to your property! Perfect for recessed water features or koi ponds, wall tiles allow you to create truly unique focal points for your home. 

Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Every Queensland home from north to south and everywhere in between needs a great outdoor entertaining area. From tiled outdoor kitchen areas and BBQ benches, our skilled wall tilers in Brisbane can create beautiful outdoor spaces that are also practical. Tiles handle all types of outdoor conditions with ease and are easy to clean.

Pool Lining

Specialty wall tiles designed for use in your pool are a subtle, yet effective way to add a touch of luxury. From bright tropical blues to pearlescent deep greens and browns, tiling the floor and walls of your pool creates a tranquil, refreshing and enticing look to your pool.  

Pool Tiling with specialty wall tiles – Wall Tilers Brisbane

Need Help?

Should you have an area you would like to tile but are unsure if it is suitable or possible based on the underlying wall structure, please contact our wall tilers in Brisbane for assistance.

Our free quotes include a professional assessment of the space to be tiled and advice regarding what is possible. Australia has a wide range of safety regulations regarding tiling and we adhere to these at all times.

Choosing the right tiles for your Wall Tiling Project in Brisbane

Can wall tiles be used on the floor?

The tiles used for wall and floor tiling, be they interior or exterior, are quite different. Flooring tiles tend to be heavier and are designed to handle much more wear and tear than wall tiles.

For this reason, they are often not interchangeable – the wall surface needs to be strong enough to support the weight of the tile and not compromise the surrounding structure.

Our Brisbane tiling experts can point you in the right direction for the ideal tile, ensuring both your safety and a quality finish that lasts for many years to come.

Our wall tilers in Brisbane recommend:

ceramic tiles


Glazed or polished ceramic tiles are ideal for use on walls. They are lightweight, durable and come in a wide range of textures, colours, shapes and sizes.

porcelain tiles


Much like ceramic, porcelain is ideal for walls and comes in a versatile range of options. Porcelain is particularly well suited for shower walls and bathrooms due to its very low water absorption rate of 0.5%.

glass tiles


Glass tiles are particularly resistant to staining and are very easy to clean. They can however chip easily, so are not well suited to highly used areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

cement tiles

Cement Tiles

Ideal for creating ambience in outdoor spaces both on floors and walls, their porous nature allows them to develop a patina over time that adds to their appeal. They come in a huge range of colours and patterns and can also be sanded back and refinished if required to freshen them up.

Cement tiles can be a challenge to lay and will need proper sealing before use to ensure no marking from water or spills. Should they become stained, you can in fact sand them back just as you can with hardwood floors. Our floor tilers in Brisbane can advise on the various methods available.

Marble tiles


Add instant class and refinement to a space with marble wall tiling. Quality marble tiling adds texture and depth to your bathroom, kitchen or living areas. Marble does require more upkeep than other tiles however and is prone to scratches and staining.

mosaic tiles


Add some serious personality and flair to your walls with mosaic tiling. Ideal for water features, pools, kitchens, the bathroom and just about anywhere, mosaic tiling is best installed sparingly so as to not overwhelm the space or take away from the overall effect.

As a general rule, when it comes to wall and floor tiling, floor tiles may be able to be used on walls, but wall tiles shouldn’t be used as floor tiling. If you’re unsure and have your heart set on a particular tile, our team of wall tilers in Brisbane are more than happy to help.

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Preparing the wall for tiling - Best Wall Tiler Brisbane

Preparing A Wall For Tiling

Before tiling your walls, our professional wall tilers in Brisbane will assess the strength of the wall in relation to your chosen tile. This is to confirm that the surface being tiled can adequately support the added weight of the tile, adhesive and grout. They will then:

  1. Start the job by thoroughly removing all fittings, screws, pins, rivets etc from the surface to be tiled. In the case of a renovation, this may include the complete demolition of a tiled wall, in which case new water-resistant plasterboard will be installed.
  2. Any cracks, dents and other signs of damage will be repaired.
  3. The surface will be checked to ensure it is completely level and free of any hill, bump or dip before being sanded so the adhesive can form a strong bond.
  4. All dust, dirt and grease will be removed.
  5. Once cleaned and prepped, in wet areas, our waterproofers will commence work to seal the walls (and floor) from water using a waterproof membrane.
  6. Once the membrane is dry, tiling can begin.

Once all tiling is completed and the adhesive has dried, grouting will be done and a final clean up undertaken. We want you to see the finished product in the best possible light, which is why we offer a final clean as part of our tiling services.

Our wall tilers in Brisbane never leave you with a mess – each and every job is left clean and tidy. This is just part of what makes our premier Brisbane tiling services second to none.

Brisbane Wall Tilers

Why Choose Us For Your Brisbane Tiling Services?

Avid Tiling offers professional tiling of the highest quality at affordable prices paired with reliable, genuine service. Our wall tilers in Brisbane are also skilled waterproofers and licensed with the QBCC. With a combined 20 years of experience between them, you can feel assured your Brisbane property is in safe hands with us. We are comfortable working on house renovations, a city apartment renovation project, new builds, repairs on insured properties and more.

We handle all aspects of tiling including detailed quotes, full measuring and planning, sourcing tile as needed, demolition, preparation, waterproofing and all clean-up. Our experience has made us adept at all types of problem-solving and created efficient operating procedures that enable us to deliver exceptional wall and floor tiling services.

For premier wall tilers located within Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, Avid Tiling are the team you need. We value open communication with our clients and believe this enables us to deliver an exceptional result that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, floor tiles need to be stronger and have a higher rating than wall tiles. They have be durable enough to deal with furniture, children, pets, spills, dropped items and other day-to-day incidents. Your floor tilers in Brisbane will be happy to help you choose the right tile for your floor tiling project.

Yes, a waterproof membrane needs to be applied under the floor tiling in the bathroom. This must be carried out by a licensed waterproofer. Your floor tiler in Brisbane will provide this service prior to commencing your floor tiling project.

Floor tiles need to be strong and durable and, ideally, slip resistant. There are a large choice of floor tiles available, although the most common choices are ceramic, stone or marble tiles. Your floor tilers in Brisbane are happy to advise the right choice for your floor tiling project.