Bathroom Renovations Brisbane

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If you are planning your new bathroom and need expert advice for your bathroom renovations, Brisbane experts Avid Tiling can help. Undertaking quality bathroom renovations in Brisbane can add significant value to your home, and help to create an enticing, relaxing space.

Bathrooms, like kitchens, are one of the first things potential buyers notice – which is why renovations require careful planning and prioritisation of quality workmanship. From your chosen wall and floor tiles, to the bathroom fittings, shower screen and other fixtures, every component contributes to a spectacular end result.

For stress-free, professional handling of your bathroom renovations in Brisbane call Avid Tiling for an obligation free quote and get started today.

Planning Your Dream Bathroom

Whether you are planning a small bathroom renovation in Brisbane or one on a much larger scale, attention to detail is paramount. One of the areas that requires significant attention when undergoing a bathroom renovation is the selection, placement and finishing of the tiling.

Poor quality tiling can completely ruin the look of a new bathroom. Should your new tiling be laid by a tiler with minimal industry experience, you may end up with a new bathroom that is seriously underwhelming.

“There is so much that goes into the creation of a beautiful bathroom. More than simply selecting tiles and fixtures, it’s the attention to detail across the entire project that creates the best end result.”

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Steps For Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

Before any tools are used on your bathroom renovation, it is important to brainstorm some ideas and review some key factors first.

1. Understand the space. Measure out the space and create a to-scale drawing.

2. Decide on the optimal placement for the shower, vanity, bath and toilet. In the case of an ensuite, this placement will be particularly important to maximise the space. Be sure to also factor in the swing of the bathroom door so that it does not impede the use of the shower door.

3. Decide on your budget. It is recommended to allow for some flexibility in the budget in case of unforeseen issues. Keep in mind that a realistic budget and investment in quality workmanship will result in a bathroom that looks great and lasts for years to come.

4. Identify the trades you will require (plumber, waterproof, electrician, tiler) and organise quotations.

5. Choose your colour scheme or theme, then select the fixtures, shower screen, plumbing and new tiling accordingly.

6. Plan how long you can manage without the use of the bathroom while you renovate or make alternative arrangements if necessary. Ensure your trades can work together to meet this timeframe.

7. Decide who will demolish your old bathroom and organise appropriate disposal measures for the bathroom waste following demolition. Items such as the old vanity, toilet, bath, tiles, shower screens etc.

What About Waterproofing?

With any bathroom renovation, waterproofing is the most critical step. Bathroom renovations in Brisbane and across Queensland require professionally installed waterproofing as per the QBCC guidelines.

Without adequate waterproofing, your bathroom renovation could soon become a nightmare. Waterproofing creates an impenetrable barrier that protects the foundations and underlying structure of your home from water damage. Waterproofing also provides the ideal and properly prepared base for your tiling.

At Avid Tiling, not only are our team highly skilled and qualified tilers, they’re also licensed waterproofers. By engaging our services for your bathroom renovation in Brisbane you eliminate the need to source yet another tradesperson, therefore speeding up the renovation process.

How Much Do Bathroom Renovations In Brisbane Cost?

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The cost of a new bathroom can range anywhere between $15,000-$30,000. Aside from the trades and labour involved, the cost of the materials can greatly influence the price. Take for instance the cost of a ceramic tile versus that of marble. Fixtures such as plumbing and lighting can also vary greatly in cost.

The size of the space to be renovated also determines the cost. Tiling is priced per square metre, along with the type of tile being used. An ensuite tiled in ceramic or porcelain will cost significantly less than a main bathroom tiled in marble.

If remaining within budget is your goal, ensuring you work with a reputable tiler such as Avid Tiling that agrees on cost in advance is essential. You may also choose to reduce the costs involved by carrying out the demolition works yourself.

At Avid Tiling we are dedicated to delivering quality bathroom renovations in Brisbane no matter your budget. Our team is happy to discuss your budget and work in collaboration with you to meet it without ever compromising on the service we provide.

Choosing the Ideal Bathroom Tiles

As mentioned, your budget may determine your selection of tile. Thankfully though, there is a huge array of options to choose from to meet every budget. You will need to select at least two kinds of tile for the floors and wall, and you may also choose to utilise a third accent tile.

To keep the bathroom looking fresh and uniform we recommend choosing no more than three types of tile. In some instances floor tiles can also be used as wall tiles should you prefer uniformity, however, wall tiles are often unsuited for floor tiles and lack the required durability.

When selecting tile, we suggest considering the following:

Tile Size

Large-format tiles are a popular choice for both floors and walls, they reduce the number of cuts required while laying and have less grouting to clean. Smaller tiles can work well for walls, or as a feature in the shower stall.

Keep in mind that smaller tiles mean more grid lines and grouting which in a smaller space can create the illusion of an even smaller space. When expertly laid however a mix of smaller tiles and different shapes such as penny rounds and subway tiles can create an outstanding bathroom.

Tile Finish

Do you prefer a matte or high gloss finish? Perhaps a textured tile is more your style? When choosing the finish on your tile, consider the lighting and usage of the space. Gloss tiles are a great way to brighten a space and have light bounce around the room, however, they pose a slip hazard making them unsuited for homes with children, the elderly and pets.

Matte finish tiles create more friction and are therefore safer for wet areas. A medium colour shade and slightly patterned matte tile is also the best option for those wishing to disguise dirt, soap scum and grime.

Tile Colour

If your bathroom is lacking in natural light, opting for a lighter tile colour is one of the best ways to brighten the space. Likewise should your bathroom renovations in Brisbane be for a larger room, a darker tile can help ground the space.

Just as with shapes, you can mix colours or tones to create interest. Darker tiles on the floor paired with lighter wall tiles is a perennially popular option for bathroom renovations. You gain the lightness from the walls with the benefit of a darker floor that disguises dust and grime.

Intended Laying Pattern

If you have your heart set on a subway or chevron laying pattern, your choices will be narrowed down to those which are rectangular in shape. Similarly, if a diagonal or mosaic pattern is preferred, your tile choice will need to work with this option.

If you are unsure what will work with your preferred style, our tilers are happy to discuss and make the selection of the right tile easier.


Marble and other natural materials add a touch of luxe to any bathroom, however they do require ongoing maintenance. At least once every twelve months these tiles should be thoroughly cleaned and resealed using a pH breathable sealer. Natural materials should also be cleaned with caution and without the use of harsh cleansers which can damage the tile finish.

Ceramic and porcelain tile requires minimal maintenance and thanks to their smooth, untextured finishes are much easier to clean. They are not easily scratched or damaged by cleaning agents.

Call The Bathroom Renovation Experts

If you are ready to invest in your home through bathroom renovations in Brisbane, Avid Tiling should be your first call. Our years of experience helping Brisbane homeowners achieve their dream bathroom renovation enable us to deliver exceptional results. From the initial quote through to demolition, preparation, waterproofing, expertly laying your tile and the entire clean-up, we are the team you can trust.

We happily work alongside other trades and aim to reduce the stress and time involved in finalising your bathroom renovation. At Avid Tiling, we understand that new bathrooms represent a significant investment and greatly value your decision to engage our services. Whether you are renovating a single bathroom or a number of bathrooms at once, our team is able to expertly handle every step from start to finish.

To have your bathroom renovations in Brisbane handled by the best, contact Avid Tiling today on 0458779881.