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Waterproofing Brisbane

Waterproofing Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, Avid Tiling make it easier than ever to secure affordable, professional waterproofing services for your bathrooms and kitchens. From leaking showers to kitchen splashbacks, bathroom renovations and more, our team of highly skilled waterproofers in Brisbane can help.

Waterproofing of wet areas is essential to the structural integrity of your property and should be carried out by qualified specialists. To speak with the team at Avid Tiling about your obligation free quote for waterproofing in Brisbane, call today.

Best Waterproofing for bathrooms in Brisbane
Waterproofing in Brisbane

Why You Should Engage Professionals For Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing is not a DIY project, and we strongly recommend against taking this on yourself. Reasons why you should always seek professional waterproofing services include:

Legal Requirements

In Queensland, both commercial and residential spaces that require waterproofing in recognised wet areas must be completed by licensed professionals. Wet areas are defined as bathrooms, showers and laundry rooms. It does not include kitchens, kitchenettes, bar areas or food and beverage preparation areas, though it is still recommended to seek professional help waterproofing these areas.

This legislation is in place to protect property owners from damage to their premises that could lead to illness or injury. Rotten timber supports or hidden mould growth from constant exposure to moisture poses a significant health and safety risk and compromises the integrity of the building.

Insurance Purposes

Should you discover a significant structural issue due to improper waterproofing, you will need remedial work to be carried out to repair the damage. The costs of these repairs should be able to be claimed under your home or business insurance. However, if the waterproofing was installed by an unlicensed individual, your insurer may reject the claim.

This is why it is always better to invest in a properly qualified waterproof at the outset of your new build or renovations. In doing so you will avoid the stress, hassle and expense of arranging repairs at a later date, with the peace of mind that you are insured should an issue arise.

Workmanship Guarantee

When you work with professional waterproofers, the work is guaranteed. Should any waterproof membranes applied to the walls, roof, floor or shower start to leak, it is the responsibility of the company that installed them to rectify the issue.

If you elect to install your own waterproofing, not only is the finished result of your project at risk, there is also no recourse to have it repaired or replaced under warranty.

Lack Of Speed And Necessary Knowledge Of Materials

Even if you watch every Youtube video out there and feel like you are prepared to do your own waterproofing, you will still lack the necessary skills needed to do it properly. Licensed waterproofers spend years developing and mastering their trade. Should an issue arise they are well equipped to problem solve on the spot and ensure every step is completed correctly before moving on.

Without these skills you may miss a critical step, use the wrong materials or membrane type and apply them incorrectly. The money and time you spend on attempting it yourself is much better invested in engaging a professional.

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Areas That Require Waterproofing

Far from being limited to bathrooms and kitchens, waterproofing is beneficial in multiple locations both domestic and commercial. Waterproofing can be applied to :

  • Laundry splashbacks
  • Retaining walls
  • Basements
  • Concrete decks and balconies
  • Pool interiors
  • Bathroom walls and floors
  • Shower stalls
  • Buried exterior walls and more.

Should you have concerns about a leak in your property or queries about whether waterproofing is necessary, our expert Brisbane waterproofing team are happy to provide advice.

Waterproofing Contractors Brisbane

Types Of Waterproofing Membranes

Depending on the area to be waterproofed, there are three different types of liquid membranes that are most commonly used:

Water or Acrylic Based

Polyurethane membranes are flexible, highly effective and can be applied using rollers or spray guns for even coverage. Able to be used on virtually any surface such as timber, concrete or sheetrock, it dries rapidly and forms an incredibly tough waterproof seal.

This type of membrane is most often seen in internal locations such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.

Bitumen Based

A bituminous membrane is a heavy-duty and hardwearing membrane best suited to outdoor applications. It provides effective waterproofing for roofs, terraces, ground walls, parking lots, sanitary rooms or similar.

Cement Based

Cementitious membranes are used to protect foundations of homes or below ground areas from groundwater ingress. This is most often used for basements and concrete slabs and works to protect the property from structural issues caused by water. When applied at the time of construction, a cement-based membrane can eliminate issues such as concrete cancer, rotting timbers and can even help to insulate your home.

In some situations, a physical barrier or sheet membrane will be the most suitable solution. This can often be seen in pools and within planter boxes and retaining walls. Our Brisbane waterproofing team can advise you on the best waterproofing method for your project.

Brisbane Waterproofing

Servicing Brisbane, The Gold Coast And Sunshine Coast We're The Team You Can Trust

If quality waterproofing in Brisbane at affordable prices is important to you, then Avid Tiling is your smartest choice. We offer high-quality workmanship at cost-effective rates with zero compromise on materials and finish.

With years of experience servicing homes and businesses across QLD, there is no job too big or small for our professional Brisbane waterproofing team. We offer solutions for all budgets and circumstances with an added commitment to outstanding customer service.

We guarantee all our services and work together with clients to achieve optimal results on all jobs. Whether you require waterproofing on a commercial scale, new build or renovation, we work efficiently and without complication alongside builders and other contractors as required.

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