Best Tiling Patterns

the best kitchen splashback tiles ideas brisbane

When preparing to tile an area, many of us focus on selecting the ideal colour, shape and/or pattern of the tile itself. Beyond this decision, however, is the choice of how to lay the tiles. There are so many unique and interesting ways to lay tiles and the best tiling patterns are achieved when the tiles are selected with a laying pattern in mind. Ensuring your tiler is experienced and proficient in laying various tiling patterns is also key to ensuring an outstanding result.

At Avid Tiling we have years of experience creating eye-catching tile patterns that are expertly executed for a truly show-stopping result.

Types Of Tile Patterns

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to laying patterns for tiles. The best tiling patterns are those that compliment the space they are intended for, and that show off the chosen tile in its best light.

Some of the more common tile layout patterns you are likely to see include:


the best kitchen splashback tiles ideas

Grid Pattern

A grid pattern is a very classic approach and involves square tiles laid in line with each other both vertically and horizontally. Square tile laid in a grid was a popular option in mid-century homes and has been making a comeback in recent years for those seeking a more retro vibe.

Perfectly square, grid patterns deliver a crisp, clean finish perfect for small bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes and more. This pattern is also one of the best tiling patterns for those on a budget as it is uncomplicated and quick to lay.

Herringbone Pattern

This repeated, broken v-shape or interrupted zig-zag design involves laying small rectangular tiles to create parallelograms. Herringbone pattern has been around since ancient Roman times and is known for its striking appearance.

Most often seen on bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes, it can also be used on floors to great effect. However, when used as a floor tile it is recommended to use a much larger tile size.

Chevron Pattern

Similar to, but not to be confused with the herringbone pattern, the chevron design is an inverted V pattern. The tips of each v shape meet perfectly without interruption to create a clear zig-zag line. Chevron tiling is usually best employed when there is a contrasting tile to be mixed into the laying pattern that is intended to be a feature.

Basket Weave

Basket weave tiling creates the illusion of a woven finish using small rectangular tiles and even smaller square tiles. Basket weave requires the use of two contrasting colours, such as black and white, to properly execute the woven finish.

Popular for bathroom flooring, the basket weave pattern can add texture through the 3D illusion of raised, woven tiles. It is perfect for heritage style homes looking to remain true to the age of the property when renovating.

Diagonal Pattern

If you prefer a square tile but are not keen on a grid laying pattern, then a diagonal pattern may be for you. Diagonal tiling involves laying the squares point to point rather than side by side. It requires careful planning to ensure the lines are kept uniform.

Diagonal tiles work well for both floors and walls in any room of your home.

Subway Pattern

A clean classic layout, subway tiles are laid at a 50/50 offset using long, rectangular tiles. First made popular by the New York Subway (their namesake) they have been a popular choice for bathrooms and backsplashes for decades. Subway tiles often work well with a contrasting grout colour that shows off the pattern to perfection.

What makes the best tiling patterns? It really comes down to personal preference and style; there is no right or wrong answer. The main consideration should be to check the qualifications and experience of your chosen Brisbane tiler. While a complex pattern can be stunning when done properly, results can be less than ideal if laid incorrectly.

We always recommend asking to see examples of previous work before engaging a tiler to ensure you end up with the outcome you hoped for.

Choosing A Tile Pattern

best kitchen splashback tiles ideas

Knowing which tile pattern is right for you will usually come down to the type of tile you want and the area to be tiled. Patterned tiles are most often placed in a clean and classic layout to best showcase their design without overwhelming.

The most simple and attractive option when aiming for particular layout patterns is to opt for tiles of a single colour. Textured tiles can be used to great effect, but are still best kept in a single colour so as to not be too visually overbearing.

Square and rectangular tiles give the most flexibility when choosing a laying pattern and can even be mixed for a more intricate pattern- such as in an offset pattern. When choosing your tiles and your ideal laying pattern, we recommend giving consideration to the size of the space to be tiled and its location.

Smaller spaces, such as a small bathroom or laundry can often benefit from larger tiles, due to the presence of fewer grout lines and a more seamless finish. Opting for brighter tones can also help create the illusion of a larger space.

If you are finding it difficult to select the best tiling patterns for your space, our experienced team are happy to advise

“We have years of experience working with homeowners across Brisbane to deliver exceptionally beautiful spaces that garner attention for all the right reasons.”

All About Grout

So you’ve settled on your tiles and the best tiling pattern, but what about the grout? In recent years selecting grout in contrasting colours has become quite popular. As far as design features go, contrasting grout colour is an inexpensive but effective way to highlight your chosen laying pattern.

Darker grout on subway tiles gives an on-trend industrial vibe and is much easier to keep clean compared to white or neutral-toned options. Tiles in living rooms and other indoor tile floors that use natural stone finishes or feature offset grout lines look best with a similarly toned grout. This ensures that the grout doesn’t take away from the beauty of the stone.

If you are unsure what grout to choose or would like to see some examples of tiling with contrasting grout, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Why Avid Tiling?

At Avid Tiling, we recognise the artistry tied to laying tiles and take great pride in delivering truly stunning results to our clients. Whether you require guidance or advice regarding the best tiling patterns for your home or simply an expert to execute your dream, we are the team you can trust.

Whether you need support for a small renovation or a large scale new build with a mix of rooms and patterns, we have the skill required to deliver a quality finish.

We willingly provide examples of past work and welcome any and all questions. We value your trust in us and are committed to providing outstanding customer service. Our quality guarantee and position as fully licensed and insured tilers provides peace of mind and an assurance that your tiling will be handled efficiently and professionally.

To speak with one of our team about the best tiling patterns for your home or arrange the laying of your chosen pattern, call today on 0458779881.