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Opting for marble tiles has always been a popular choice. Classic, hardwearing and beautiful marble is well suited for both floor and walls throughout your home. While it may be tempting to opt for ceramic, porcelain or faux marble, there are a number of reasons why marble has remained popular and relevant.

At Avid Tiling we love working with natural materials such as stone and granite and take great pride in laying it in ways that showcase its unique colours and patterns. For expertly laid marble tiling in Brisbane, Avid Tiling is the team you can trust.

Benefits of Marble Tiling

Marble tiling is visually appealing and comes with a host of added benefits that makes it well suited to domestic and commercial use for both indoor and outdoor settings.

When choosing to tile with marble you can enjoy features such as:.

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Marble stands the test of time in a way engineered tiles cannot. It will not visibly wear or discolour in areas of high traffic, and looks as good decades after laying as it did the day it was installed.

It is one of the most durable natural materials available for tiling and is frequently used for the floor areas of hotels, shopping centres and other public spaces.

Resistance To Shattering And Chipping

Unlike porcelain and ceramic tiles which can crack or chip, marbles strength and density makes these events incredibly rare. Opting for marble means largely eliminating the possibility of damaging the tile during its lifetime.

Heightened Insulation Properties

Marble has an incredible ability to remain relatively cool to the touch during the heat of summer, even when in direct sunlight. Conversely, during cooler months they retain much of their ambient warmth.

This helps keep your home comfortable all year-round and reduce electricity bills. This quality makes marble tiling ideal for the Brisbane climate.

Light Reflection

Marble is well known for its light-reflecting properties. When lighter colours are used the effect is particularly stunning. Marble tile can help make a space appear larger and brighter, making it ideal for a dark bathroom or gloomy hallway.

Polished, high gloss finishes can further enhance this effect by bouncing right around the room. A polished finish can pose a slip hazard in wet areas such as the bathroom, so you will need to choose your materials carefully.

Being Priced For Quality

The first thought many of us have when we think of marble is the expense. As a natural material that is considered sophisticated and exclusive, it can have a higher price tag than engineered tiles. However marble is an investment. Its longevity compensates for its price when compared with lesser materials that require replacing much sooner.

Faux marble may look like regular marble, but it can’t offer the same benefits as genuine, naturally created marble tile.

What is the Difference Between Marble and Granite?

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Marble is considered to be a metamorphic rock that has been created under intense pressure and heat. It is more porous and softer than granite and has long sweeping patterns created by the veins of colour in it.

Granite is a type of natural stone that is less porous than marble, requires less maintenance and is even more durable. It has a different appearance to marble, often containing flecks of quartz creating a speckled appearance.

“Whether you hope to use marble tiles in your bathroom, kitchen, surrounding your pool or as an outdoor patio, we are the team you can trust to execute your vision.”

Are There Any Downsides To Marble?

The only real downside to using marble is that it can require some maintenance over time to remain at its best. This is particularly true for

bathroom areas where it is consistently exposed to moisture or other high traffic areas of your house.

It is recommended that marble be sealed yearly and regularly cleaned to avoid stains, scratches and any moisture damage. This process is relatively quick and uncomplicated, and shouldn’t put you off enjoying marble as the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Grouting Marble Tiles

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When selecting grout for marble tiles, unsanded grout is the preferred choice. Marble tiles tend to be placed with very tight joints for a near-seamless finish, requiring minimal grout.

Unsanded grout is preferred as sanded grout tends to be too thick, and has the potential to scratch the surface of the marble during its application.

Why work with us?

At Avid Tiling, we take immense pride in our work and enjoy the artistry involved with laying beautiful marble tiles.

Whether you require advice regarding the ideal marble tiling for your Brisbane home, assistance sourcing the correct marble or simply the benefit of our skilled workmanship, we are here to help. Call Avid Tiling today on 0458779881.