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Whether you have just installed your new swimming pool or are looking to refresh an existing pool, opting for tiles as a liner or pool surround is a great choice. Pool tiles offer a luxe aesthetic that ensures your pool not only looks great but can handle daily use with ease. Ensuring your pool tiling is expertly handled is essential to the final result and longevity of the finish. At Avid Tiling, we have years of experience with pool tiling in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, so you can trust us to meet your tiling needs.

Why Choose Tiles For Your Pool

Opting to tile your concrete swimming pool rather than use a liner or a trowled on finish, such as pebblecrete, has long been considered as the premium finish for swimming pools. Tiles can be used for pool surrounds, coping (the inner edge of the pool) and for the inner surface of the pool itself. When you choose pool tiling in Brisbane, you gain benefits such as:
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• The ability to control the colour and appearance of the water through the reflection of the tile colour. You can also enjoy more design freedom such as adding a custom mosaic to your project to create one-of-a-kind detail. • Durability, tile liners do not crack, peel or break down under UV exposure and the colour will not fade over time. When done to the highest standard, pool tiling can last as long as 25 years before needing to be repaired or replaced. • Ease of cleaning, the smooth surface of tiles makes it easy to clean. • A better overall appearance, tiles tend to hide the dry, worn out look that is often visible on the waterline of a pool. • Tiles are gentle on feet and swimwear.  

With a large variety of colours and shapes, ceramic and porcelain tiles in mosaic sheets are a great choice when it comes to pool tiling.

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Best Tiles For Swimming Pools

When selecting tiles for your pool floor, walls, coping or surrounds it is important to note that not all tiles are made for constant submersion in water. Additionally, your chosen tiles need to be hardwearing and should you be tiling the lining, able to withstand the considerable weight of the pool water.

It is for this reason that porcelain and ceramic tiles are favoured by tilers. Should cost be a concern, these tiles are also budget-friendly, making them ideal when you are covering such a large area. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are often installed using mosaic sheets and come in a huge variety of colours and shapes.

Stone tiles can also be used successfully for pools and can be carried onto patio areas for a flowing, cohesive design or can be coordinated with existing outdoor pavers and tiling. Always keep in mind that a rougher, more porous surface is preferred for pool surrounds as this aids in reducing slip hazards. Mosaic tiling ideas can be perfectly executed in residential spaces as well as commercial, including restaurants, shops, public parks, train stations and    more. Incorporate the name of your business, your logo, family crest, street name or any other idea into your tiling. Impress your  friends, family or customers and enjoy the unique results.  
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Our Pool Tiling Services

At Avid Tiling, we offer customers a range of cost-effective services related to pool tiling. These include tiling installation for pool surrounds and linings as well as repairs, maintenance and the all-important step – waterproofing.

Failure to adequately waterproof your pool can lead to disastrous consequences and expensive repairs down the line


Before your pool tiling in Brisbane can be carried out, waterproofing must be done to ensure the pool is completely watertight. At Avid Tiling we have not only licensed tilers but licensed waterproofers which means our team can address all aspects of waterproofing are completed before moving on to the tiling. Failure to adequately waterproof your pool can lead to disastrous consequences and expensive repairs down the line. At Avid Tiling we guarantee our workmanship, giving you peace of mind that your investment in a pool is not going to damage your property.


Following waterproofing, our team offer exceptional quality tiling services from skilled tilers. As dedicated and experienced tilers, we take great pride in our workmanship and greatly enjoy beautifying every space we work on. We handle the precise installation of all pool tiling in Brisbane, as well as grouting, sealing and finishing to leave a show-stopping result.

Repairs And Maintenance

Have an existing pool that needs some TLC? Older tiled pools can often be successfully restored through some simple repairs and maintenance. This may mean draining the pool to allow for proper deep cleaning, replacement of loose or broken tiles and regrouting. If you are unsure about the possibility of restoring your pool tiling in Brisbane speak contact our team who will be happy to offer expert advice and discuss your options.

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Pool Tiling In Brisbane – Work With The Best

At Avid Tiling, we deliver clients exceptional workmanship paired with outstanding customer service through every step of the pool tiling process. We follow all relevant legislation set out in Australia relating to the safe preparation and tiling of pools and your pool surround and are fully licensed and insured. For pool tiling in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Avid Tiling offers expertise and a commitment to quality that guarantees to deliver you the swimming pool of your dreams. Call today onto learn more.