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Thinking of changing up your outside entertaining area and looking for the best tiles for outdoors? Ideally, when choosing tiles for outdoors you should seek the advice of a qualified outdoor tiler. This ensures that the tiles you select are fit for purpose and will last well for many years to come.

A professionally tiled outdoor space adds value and appeal to your home – creating a space that flows beautifully from indoors to outdoors relies in part on choosing the right tiles for outdoors.

At Avid Tiling, we are passionate about creating unique and beautiful outdoor spaces for our clients. No matter your setting or location, our outdoor tilers can turn your space into a designer haven you’ll be proud to call your own.

Are All Tiles Suitable For Outdoors?

In short, no. Outdoor tiles need to meet a few key criteria to be safe and durable enough for outdoor use. Just as indoor wall and floor tiles differ, so do outdoor tiles.

A glossy ceramic tile placed on an outdoor entertaining area or around a pool would be both unsafe and impractical.

This type of tile is slippery when wet and relatively fragile – the last thing you need is for a summer hail storm to destroy your outdoor area or to slip and injure yourself.

Indoor and outdoor tiles are designed to exist in completely different environments and face unique daily challenges due to this.

“Tiling is an artform and one that requires special skill and purpose made tools to achieve the best possible outcome.”

Which Tiles Are Suited To Outdoor Use

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Top Tips For Outdoor TilesSo what tiles can you use outdoors? There is a wide range of tiles designed specifically for outdoor use, it is simply a matter of selecting those that suit your space, climate and preferred style.

Polished outdoor tiles – These polished outdoor tiles may look nice in store but they can be hard to maintain. They tend to be easily damaged by the elements and can often look dirty. If you elect to use porcelain or ceramic tiles for a more polished finish, ensure that they are treated with a non-slip finish for safety reasons.

Stylised or Mosaic – Choose the right style for your home and the area in question. Around a pool, you may prefer a more stylised tile or mosaic look while in a patio area a more neutral tile can help keep the space calm and inviting. Prefer the look of wood but don’t want the upkeep? Why not try hard wearing ceramic tiles designed to look exactly like the wood finishes you love?

Porous Tiles – For tiles placed around an outdoor barbeque or outdoor kitchen, be mindful of how easily they can be cleaned. Stay away from porous tiles that are more likely to absorb oil and food spills – making your outdoor space appear constantly grubby. Porous tiles also tend to absorb a lot of water making them unsuitable for shady or wet areas as this encourages moss and lichen growth.

Heavy Traffic Areas – A textured stone such as granite, marble or slate is optimal for heavy traffic areas or garden paths and will show minimal wear over time. It is also easily cleaned with a quick hosing down – something that is a must when choosing tiles for outdoor spaces.

Consider your climate – If you live in an area with extreme cold or heat it is important to choose a tile that can handle this without cracking or popping loose. Porcelain tiles are ideal for these situations as they are durable and UV resistant.

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Where To Seek Help

At Avid Tiling we are passionate about providing accurate advice and exceptional service!

Our experienced and licensed tilers can support you to make the right choice regarding tiles for your outdoor space. We work collaboratively with you to create a safe and relaxing outdoor area you can enjoy for many years to come.

We take care of all the preparation, labour and clean up, making it easy for you to simply sit back and enjoy your new outdoor space.

Engaging professional help for your outdoor tiling gives you peace of mind as all our work is guaranteed.

So for help with your tiles for outdoors and anything else tile related, contact Avid Tiling today on 0458 779 881.