Tiling Over Existing Tiles : DIY or Call in the Tiling Experts

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Planning a renovation and considering tiling over existing tiles on your floors or walls?

Tiling over your existing tiles can be a great way to expedite your renovations, save money and update your home.

However, it is not always a suitable option and relies on careful preparation to achieve a great outcome.

Is Tiling Over Existing Tiles A Good Idea?

While it might seem like you’re cutting corners or taking a ‘dodgy’ approach, tiling over existing tiles is perfectly acceptable.

Removing old tiles is a labour intensive and messy job, it also means having to budget for new wall sheeting and waterproofing in wet areas, in addition to your new tiles.

So long as your old tiles are in good condition, they can provide a perfectly suitable base for your new ones.


When Shouldn’t You Tile Over Existing Tiles?

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There are some situations in which tiling over existing tiles is not recommended. For instance:

If you are already experiencing issues with water leaks or damage it is best to remove them and resolve this issue before laying new tiles.

Tiles that are loose, damaged, lifting or sound ‘drummy’ when tapped will need to be removed. They will not provide a solid base for the new tiles and will likely create issues sooner than later when the added weight of new tiles is added on top.

If the added depth to the floor and walls creates issues with accessibility, isn’t the aesthetic you are after or impedes doors, windows or fittings, the old tiles may need to come out. There are, however, situations where this can be resolved through some small modifications.


“If you want to avoid the mess and hassle involved in removing your old tiles and are hoping to pursue tiling over existing tiles, it is best to seek professional tiling advice”

What Steps Are Involved When Tiling Over Existing Tiles?

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If you’re wanting to avoid the mess and hassle involved in removing your old tiles and are hoping to pursue tiling over existing tiles, it is best to seek professional advice. This can help you avoid complications further down the line and ensure a sleek finish.

A professional and experienced wall tiler and/or floor tiler like Avid Tiling, will inspect, prepare and install as follows:


Before agreeing to tile over your existing floor or wall tiles, a thorough inspection will need to be carried out to check their suitability as a base. Your tiler will inspect the tiles in great detail, checking for damage, movement due to age, water issues and gaps. They will also gently tap the tiles to check their adhesive bond and listen for hollow sounds that can indicate there is not enough adhesive below the existing tiles.


Tiling over existing tiles isn’t as simple as just sticking new over old. The surface needs to be carefully prepared. This is usually achieved by grinding and sanding the tiles to remove any high points and creates a rough, porous surface that strengthens the adhesive bond.

Following this, the surface needs to be completely washed clean of all dirt and dust and left to dry completely.


Using a rubber based glue for flexibility, your tiler will lay the new tiles over the old ones and let the adhesive cure. Then it’s just a matter of expertly applying the grout, washing away the excess and enjoying your new tiles.

Call In The Experts

Should you attempt this job yourself you are likely to run into complications and end up with a poorly executed result. For tiling that looks great and lasts, you need a skilled professional.

At Avid Tiling our licensed experts can provide you with the information you need to make the right decision regarding your tiling. Whether this is regarding tiling over existing tiles or a completely new installation, we can help. From inspection to preparation, installation and aftercare, our team will ensure that your newly tiled floors and/or walls garner attention for all the right reasons.

For exceptionally skilled tilers you can trust, contact Avid Tiling today on 0458 779 881.